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Peace Moves


This site is an invitation to move peace more deeply into your life using The Work of Byron Katie, a type of inquiry.

Inquiry has helped many people tap their own truth deep inside - the truth that sets them free.

By allowing themselves to sit with simple questions, and wait until the answers arise to meet the questions, they find their way out of suffering.

You can too.

Inquiry sessions can support you when you relate to any of the following:

-You experience stress and struggle and you'd like to find peace. Perhaps you are experiencing overwhelm, anger, depression, or sadness, and want a way out.

-You have tried to change your behavior and whether successful or not still have some challenging areas you'd like to address.

-You are eager for more genuine joy in your life.

-You want to make peace with your past but have been unable to do that as thoroughly as you would like.

-You want your innate love and kindness to spring forth more frequently and from a more open hearted place.

-At times you are confused and scattered. Instead you want more clarity, peace of mind, effectiveness and efficiency in your life.

-You have this compelling yearning for imperturbable inner peace.

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Dale B Steele
(252) 378-8808


 Dale Steele


"The first day I Worked with Dale I addressed my most feared issue. He lovingly and skillfully guided me to the place where the feeling of separation occurred, gently yet firmly holding me close to that place so that I could explore it thoroughly.
Dale provides me with the space where it feels safe to relax into the "don't know" mind and see the situation with new eyes."

~Patricia, Tarifa, Spain
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